• Starting date: 2025/01/27
  • End: 2025/01/31

  • LOCATION: Sport & Kurhotel at Bad Moos - Via Val Fiscalina 27, 39030, Sexten


    This conference is dedicated to Paolo Molaro, whose commitment to unravelling the mysteries of the pristine Universe is leaving an important mark on this field. The conference delves into the quest for the first stars, which, though not yet found in the local Universe, have left nucleosynthetic imprints on the ancient surviving stars within the halo of our Galaxy and neighbouring dwarf galaxies. Low-mass, metal-poor stars emerge as vital messengers, carrying the elemental signature of the first stellar generation. By studying their compositions, we aim to reconstruct the conditions in which their stellar progenitors formed. The launch of the James Webb telescope has also opened a new window on the search for the first stellar objects, with the hope to directly detect their formation sites at very high redshift. Furthermore, our exploration extends beyond stellar remnants to metal-poor gas clumps observed in absorption spectra of high-redshift background sources. These distant cosmic snapshots offer a unique perspective, allowing us to discern the elemental imprints of the earliest stars and galaxies.

    Invited speakers:
    Paolo Molaro, Elisabetta Caffau, Piercarlo Bonifacio, Monique Spite, Roberto Maiolino, Giovanni Vladilo, Patrick Francois, Stefania Salvadori, Mike Rich, Luca Izzo, Massimo Della Valle, David Aguado.


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    Francesca Matteucci, Gabriele Cescutti ed Emanuele Spitoni