• Starting date: 2025/02/03
  • End: 2025/02/07

  • LOCATION: Haus Sexten - Via Dolomiti 45, 39030, Sexten


    The extraordinary amount of high-quality data will open new directions for cosmology in the next few years. The increasing precision of CMB and LSS data will provide answers to current tensions and will shed light on the connections between cosmology and particle physics either behind or beyond the phenomenological success of the LambdaCDM model. At the same time, new observations at high redshifts from Lyα and JWST and the rapid progress in gravitational-wave astronomy call for accurate theoretical predictions for new cosmological observables.

    In 2024 we expect new data releases from experiments such as DESI, ACT, SPT, and new results from Euclid and JWST: the timing of this workshop is therefore very exciting. The aim of this workshop will be to discuss these latest measurements, new methodologies of data analysis, and novel theoretical developments in cosmology. The workshop format foresees invited talks, contributed talks, discussion sessions and aims in bringing together theoretical and observational cosmologists from all over the world, and providing a lively environment for a fruitful exchange of ideas on the most recent results from ACT, SPT, BICEP, DESI, Euclid, JWST, PTA and perspectives for Simons Observatory, LiteBIRD, S4, Sphere-X, Rubin-LSST and other future experiments.


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    300 Eur



    Cora Dvorkin
    Fabio Finelli
    Andreu Font Ribeira
    Silvia Galli
    Elisabeth Krause
    Julien Lesgourgues

    Fabio Finelli
    Gabriella Deconi