• Starting date: 2024/01/15
  • End: 2024/01/19

  • LOCATION: Sport & Kurhotel at Bad Moos - Via Val Fiscalina 27, 39030, Sexten


    After the success of the i2i conference (2022), we would like to re-apply for a follow-up workshop entitled “i2i: back again to linking galaxy physics from ISM to IGM scales”. Our application for a workshop is motivated by the fact that the datasets from facilities such as ALMA, NOEMA, MUSE and JWST are providing unrivaled glimpses of the earliest galaxies assembling in an infant Universe. These provide an unprecedented opportunity to baseline and enhance theoretical models. In this era forthcoming facilities including Euclid, SKA, ELT, EUCLID and LISA, it is also pertinent to discover and exploit the synergies between these different instruments in order to build a coherent picture of the Universe. Bringing together experts in ISM/CGM, galaxy formation and large-scale structure formation, our aim is to continue the discussion on establishing synergies between next-generation observatories using a combination of theoretical modelling and observations. We will address key outstanding questions including:

    1. What is the key ISM physics governing the emission lines seen at high-redshifts?
    2. What are the properties of the CGM that hold an appreciable gas component?
    3. What were the IGM conditions (temperatures, ionization, metallicity) at early epochs?
    4. How were galaxy formation and reionization driven by the interplay between galaxies and the IGM?

    This workshop is by invitation only.


    Bus registration is now open


    300 Eur



    Dr. Pratika Dayal (Groningen University, The Netherlands) – corresponding organiser
    Dr. Laura Pentericci (INAF- Observatory of Rome, Italy) – corresponding organiser
    Renske Smit
    Valentina d’odorico
    Daniel schaerer
    Andrea ferrara