• Starting date: 2023/01/09
  • End: 2023/01/13

  • LOCATION: Sport & Kurhotel at Bad Moos - Via Val Fiscalina 27, 39030, Sexten


    This conference is aimed at discussing the most recent results on high redshift Gamma-Ray-Bursts (GRBs), their origin and the characteristics of their host galaxies, in the era of JWST. High redshift GRBs are particularly interesting for studying the early phases of the evolution of galaxies and the physics of the early Universe. We will discuss both long and short GRBs and their frequency in galaxies of different morphological type. The origin of long GRBs, in particular their association to Type Ib,c supernovae, as well as that of short GRBs, which are believed to originate from merging neutron stars, will be discussed. Morphological identification of GRB host galaxies by means of their observed abundances of metals will be also considered.

    Main topics:

    • Long vs. short GRBs
    • Central engine and progenitors
    • Cosmic GRB formation rates
    • Host galaxies and astroarchaeology
    • GRBs as tracers of galaxy evolution at high redshift
    • GRBs and cosmology
    • Future Instrumentation


    Due to lack of taxi/ bus, we had to change the hours a bit.

    Airport Marco Polo – Venice Sunday 8 January 2023

    There will be only one taxi at 4.30pm.
    The new meeting point is Medical Center – near exit 2.

    Taxi Mylaine +39 345 5694086

    The driver awaits you at the meeting point with the sign: Sexten Center for Astrophysics Riccardo Giacconi

    For problems write to: contact@sexten-cfa.eu


    380 Eur




    Francesca Matteucci
    Fabrizio Fiore
    Elisabetta Bissaldi
    Francesco Longo