• Starting date: 2015/06/29
  • End: 2015/07/04

  • LOCATION: Sexten Primary School - Via Panorama 6, Sexten


    The field of cosmological hydrodynamical simulations that include a variety of physical processes (e.g. cooling, star formation, energy feedback from various sources, etc.) has seen important advancements in the last years, bringing to a number of important results: realistic simulated disk galaxies, realistic mix of galaxy morphological types, realistic description of multi-wavelength properties of galaxy clusters and of the IGM.
    The meeting aims tat bringing together experts working on simulations of cosmic structures – galaxies, clusters and large scale cosmic web – to discuss the state-of-the-art in the field, with particular emphasis on ub-resolution description of relevant astrophysical processes. This will be a small, dedicated workshop of 30-35 participants with half of the working time dedicated to informal discussion and work sessions and half to presentations.
    The workshop will focus on the following topics:
    – state of the art in simulations of galaxies and galaxy clusters:
    – discussion on the different sub-resolution description of star
      formation and feedback
    – the role of such schemes in predicting observable properties of intergalactic
      and circumgalactic medium


    Scientific Programme with contributions


    To be defined



    Organizing commettee:
    Stefano Borgani
    Pierluigi Monaco
    Giuseppe Murante