• Starting date: 2015/02/23
  • End: 2015/02/27

  • LOCATION: Sport & Kurhotel at Bad Moos - Via Val Fiscalina 27, 39030, Sexten


    The Frontier Field intiative is well under way. By February 2015 there will be plenty of new results to discuss and understand. This small and focused workshop will bring together 30 world-class experts in the field, covering the following topics:

    1) cosmic telescopes: the high-z universe from cosmic reionization to the epoch of star and metal formation;
    2) clusters as astrophysical laboratories: galaxy formation and the role of the ICM;
    3) clusters as probe of dark matter.
    Such a small focused group could work closely together to compare data, models, interpretation and test theories. An illustrative example is the production of magnification maps from gravitational lens modeling of the clusters themselves. We anticipate a healthy mix of junior and senior investigators, as well as theorists and observers.
    The workshop will be organized around presentations from participants, leaving ample time for organized discussion and break out working groups on each of the three topics.


    Workshop program and slides of presentations.


    To be defined



    Scientific organizing committee: Tommaso Treu, Piero Rosati, Paolo Tozzi and Marusa Bradac

    A list of confirmed participants includes:

    Hakim Atek, Italo Balestra, Matthias Bartelmann, Gabriel Bartosch Caminha, Marusa Bradac, Dan Coe, Mark Dijkstra, Richard Ellis, Andrea Ferrara, Traci Johnson, Christine Jones, Tucker Jones, Rachel Livermore, Francesca Matteucci, Massimo Meneghetti, Emiliano Merlin, Priya Natarajan, Piero Madau, Bianca Poggianti, Piero Rosati, Markus Rexroth, Steve Rodney, Barbara Sartoris, Stella Seitz, Keren Sharon, Paolo Tozzi, Michele Trenti, Tommaso Treu