• Starting date: 2015/06/14
  • End: 2015/06/19

  • LOCATION: Haus Sexten - Via Dolomiti 45, 39030, Sexten


    The vision of the Virtual Observatory (VO) is to allow astronomical datasets and other resources to interoperate seamlessly. The VO resources are provided by different organisations spread all over the world, but they feel as if they are inside the user’s computer.

    The International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA) is an organisation that debates and agrees the technical standards that are needed to make the VO possible. It also acts as a focus for the VO vision, a framework for discussing and sharing VO ideas and technology, and a body for promoting and publicising the VO [ http://www.ivoa.net/ ].

    The IVOA Interoperability Workshops provide a semi-annual venue for discussion and development of Virtual Observatory standards and VO-based applications, and are open to those with an interest in utilizing the VO infrastructure and tools in support of observatory operations and/or astronomical research.

    This meeting is hosted by VObs.it the Italian VO initiative, and is supported by INAF the Italian National Institute for Astrophysics. The workshop will be held at Haus Sexten (plenary and splinter sessions) and the Sport & Kurhotel in Bad Moos (Exec and TCG meetings). A shuttle bus will be available to connect the two locations, which are about 2 km apart.



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    Organizers and contacts: Marco Molinaro ( molinaro@oats.inaf.it ), Gabriella Deconi ( gabrielladeconi@alice.it ), Fabio Pasian ( pasian@oats.inaf.it )  

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