• Starting date: 2018/06/25
  • End: 2018/06/29

  • LOCATION: Sexten Primary School - Via Panorama 6, Sexten


    The Euclid Mission will have in 2018 one crucial milestone, that is the Critical Design Review at System Level.
    This will comprise also the reference Survey of the mission, i.e. the detailed pointings for the whole duration of six years. These will include all the calibrations, the deep fields and the wide survey.
    So far the reference survey has been a proof of concept, showing that within the strict operational boundaries  dictated by the hardware the whole program can be accomplished.
    However still room for improvement exists, both in the areas to be observed and in the operations.
    Tha aim of the workshop is to bring together for this common goal ALL the interested parties: Euclid Science Team, ESA team, Euclid Consortium (Science Working Groups, Instruments, Ground Segment).  One needs to fully understand and validate several aspects and discuss some others (e.g. specific areas for the wide, what to do with saturated galaxy cores, details of the deep fields) so to optimise the global science output of the mission.
    The kind of work is “hands on”, that is discussions of aspects and scenarios plus practical feasibility and validation of the latters. Therefore the attendance needs to be limited to the main representatives and experts of the mission.


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    200 Eur



    Co-chairs: R. Laureijs, Y. Mellier, R. Scaramella.
    H. Aussel, R. Azzollini, J. Brinchmann, C. Conselice, M. Cropper, X. Dupac, A. Ealet, K. Jahnke, H. Hoekstra, M. Sauvage, M. Schirmer, R. Vavrek