• Starting date: 2009/07/06
  • End: 2009/07/10

  • LOCATION: Sport & Kurhotel at Bad Moos - Via Val Fiscalina 27, 39030, Sexten


    The Sexten Center for Astrophysics will host a workshop on the Wide Field X-Ray Telescope mission (WFXT) to be held on July 6-10.

    The aim of the workshop is to bring together the members of the WFXT collaboration and a selected number of interested people to discuss both scientific and technological aspects related to WFXT. The format will be based on informal talks of about 30 minutes, spanning a wide range of topics: X-ray surveys of clusters and cosmology, surveys of AGN, physics of the intra-cluster medium and of AGN, mirror design, survey strategies, synergies with planned and future surveys and telescopes, etc. A significant fraction of time will be left open for informal discussions.

    Monday, July 6th

    Riccardo Giacconi – “The history of the WFXT concept” (30m)

    Stephen S. Murray – “Current WFXT Mission Design Concept as Submitted to the Decadal Survey Committee” (30m)

    Martin Weisskopf – “Optics development at MSFC and the design of the WFXT optics” (30m)

    WFXT Optics in Brera:

    Giovanni Pareschi – “Introduction to the design” (15m)

    Giancarlo Parodi – “Structureal aspects of thin mirror shells with small height/diameter aspect ratio” (15m)

    Oberto Citterio – “Aspects of the shells manufacturing” (20m)

    Giancarlo Parodi – “Thermo-Mechanical consideration on the mirror module assembly” (20m)

    Peter Langstrof – “Development of fused silca thin carriers” (5 m)

    Giovanni Pareschi – “Programmatic aspects” (10m)

    Tuesday, July 7th

    Piero Rosati – “The WFXT White Book: the ASI/Italian contribution to WFXT” (20m)

    Paolo Tozzi – “WFXT simulations” (30m)

    Yu Heng – “WFXT simulations and cosmological tests” (20m)

    Steve Murray – “Recovery of Extended and Point-like Sources from Simulated WFXT Images” (30m)

    Stefano Borgani – “Cluster astrophysics and cosmology with WFXT” (30m)

    Rebecca Stanek – “Multivariate Scaling Relations of Massive Halos in Millennium Gas Simulations” (30m)

    Wednesday July 8th

    Luigi Stella – “Searching for the X-ray counterpart of LIGO/Virgo gravitational wave events with WFXT” (30m)

    Andrew Ptak – “Normal/Starburst Galaxies in WFXT Surveys and Their Evolution” (30m)

    Ginevra Trinchieri – “Galaxies with WFXT” (30m)

    Alberto Moretti – “Swift XRT cluster observations: serendipitous survey and external regions” (20m)

    Thursday, July 9th

    Andrea Comastri – “AGN highlights from large area surveys” (30m)

    Roberto Gilli – “Growth and evolution of obscured supermassive black holes in the early Universe” (30m)

    Guido RIsaliti – “Determining the structure of AGNs through X-ray absorption variability” (30m)

    Maurizio Paolillo – “The restless nature of AGNs: results from Chandra and XMM” (30m)

    Cristian Vignali – “Multi-wavelength data handling and source identification in current and future X-ray surveys” (30m)

    Friday, July 10th

    Piero Rosati – “Multi-wavelength observations of XMM2235 at z=1.4” (30m)

    Joana Santos – “Evolution of cool cores in X-ray clusters” (30m)

    Andrea Bignamini – “First results from the SWIFT-XRT cluster survey” (20m)

    Alfonso Cavaliere – “A novel look at the ICM profiles” (30m)

    Silvano Molendi – “Clusters Outskirts” (30m)

    Stefano Ettori – “Cluster outskirts, mass profiles and concentrations” (30m)

    Sabrina De Grandi – “Metal Abundances in the cool-cores of Galaxy Clusters” (30m)


    Wide Field X-Ray Telescope Collaboration Partecipants 2009 PDF Print E-mail
    Andrea Bignamini bignamini@oats.inaf.it INAF – OATS
    Stefano Borgani borgani@oats.inaf.it DAUT
    Oberto Citterio Oberto.Citterio@media-lario.com Media Lario
    Andrea Comastri andrea.comastri@oabo.inaf.it INAF – OABO
    Paolo Conconi conconi_paolo@yahoo.it
    Sabrina De Grandi degrandi@merate.mi.astro.it INAF – OAB
    Domitilla Demartino demartin@oacn.inaf.it INAF - OACn
    Stefano Ettori stefano.ettori@oabo.inaf.it INAF - OABO
    Riccardo Giacconi giacconi@pha.jhu.edu JHU
    Roberto Gilli roberto.gilli@oabo.inaf.it INAF – OABO
    Isabella Gioia gioia@ira.inaf.it IRA
    Marisa Girardi girardi@oats.inaf.it DAUT
    Fabio Mardirossian mardiros@oats.inaf.it DAUT
    Silvano Molendi silvano@iasf-milano.inaf.it INAF – IASF
    Alberto Moretti alberto.moretti@brera.inaf.it INAF – IASF
    Stephen S. Murray ssm@head.cfa.harvard.edu CFA
    Maurizio Paolillo paolillo@na.infn.it Iniv Na
    Giovanni Pareschi giovanni.pareschi@brera.inaf.it INAF – OABrera
    Giancarlo Parodi giancarlo.parodi@bcv.it
    Andrew Ptak ptak@pha.jhu.edu JHU
    Piero Rosati prosati@eso.org ESO
    Joana Santos jsantos@oats.inaf.it INAF - OATS
    Barbara Sartoris sartoris@oats.inaf.it DAUT
    Ethan Schreier ejs@aui.edu AUI
    Rebecca Stanek rstanek@umich.edu Univ Michigan
    Luigi Stella stella@mporzio.astro.it INAF – OAR
    Gianpiero Tagliaferri gianpiero.tagliaferri@brera.inaf.it INAF – OABrera
    Paolo Tozzi tozzi@oats.inaf.it INAF - OATS
    Ginevra Trinchieri ginevra@brera.mi.astro.it INAF – OABrera
    Cristian Vignali cristian.vignali@unibo.it Univ Bo
    Martin Weisskopf martin@smoker.msfc.nasa.gov Marshall
    Heng Yu heng@oats.inaf.it INAF - OAT