SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM SUNDAY, JUNE 24th 18.00 Sexten Haus: registration, welcome cocktail MONDAY, JUNE 25th 9:00-9:10 Welcoming Address 9:10-9:50 Opening Talk: Riccardo Giacconi (R) - “The study of X-ray clusters” SESSION 1): DARK MATTER & CLUSTERS 9:50- 10:25 Henk Hoekstra (R) - "Probing the mass distribution in the Universe with weak lensing" 10:25-10:50 Massimo Meneghetti (T) - "Strong lensing techniques" 10:50-11:20 Coffee Break 11:20-11:40 Uros Seljak - "Cluster dark matter profiles and cosmological constraints from weak lensing in SDSS" 11:40-12:00 Andisheh Mahdavi - "The Canadian Cluster comparison project" 12:00-12:25 Andrea Biviano (T) - "Recovering density profiles from dynamical analysis" 12:25-12:45 Marisa Girardi - "Dynamical analysis of radio clusters – DARC"

12:45-13:05 Kris Blindert - "Mass and Light in Galaxy Clusters from the Red-Sequence Cluster Survey"
13.05-14:45 LUNCH 14:45-15:05 Laurie Shaw - "Preparing For SPT - Cluster Extraction and Mass Measurements in SZ surveys" 15:05-15:30 James Jee (T) - "HST/ACS observations of strong lensing clusters" 15:30-15:50 Alexis Finoguenov - "Lensing Mass Calibration for X-ray Galaxy Clusters” 15:50-16:10 Joerg Dietrich - “Combined Weak Lensing, Optical, and X-Ray Study of Galaxy Clusters” 16:10-16:30 Chiara Mastropietro - "Simulating the bullet cluster" 16:30-17:00 Coffee Break SESSION 2): DIFFUSE BARYONS INSIDE AND AROUND CLUSTERS 17:00-17:35 Mike Loewenstein (R) - "Observations of the thermo- and chemodynamical properties of the ICM" 17:35-17:55 Silvano Molendi - "Studying Galaxy Clusters with EDGE" 17:55-18:20 Fabrizio Nicastro (T) - "Unveiling the Diffuse Baryonic Component in the Universe" 18:20-18.40 Norbert Werner - "Possible non-thermal nature of the soft-excess emission in the cluster of galaxies Sersic 159-03" TUESDAY, JUNE 26th SESSION 2): DIFFUSE BARYONS INSIDE AND AROUND CLUSTERS (continued) 9:00-9:25 Gabriel Pratt (T) - "Structure and dynamics of galaxy clusters in X-rays" 9:25-9:45 Italo Balestra - "Tracing the evolution of the metallicity in the intra-cluster medium" 9:45-10:05 Takayuki Tamura - "Suzaku observation of the Abell 2052 cluster of galaxies" 10.05-10.25 Fabio Gastaldello - "Gravitational Mass and Entropy Profiles for a sample of Bright X-ray Groups" 10.25-10.45 Brian McNamara - "Interactions between Jets and the Hot Atmospheres of Galaxies & Clusters" 10:45-11:15 Coffee Break 11:15-12:00 Andrey Kravtsov (R ) - ”X-ray and SZ scaling properties from numerical simulations" 12:00-12.20 Romeel Dave' - "Simulating the Enrichment History of Groups and Clusters" 12.20-12.40 Luca Tornatore - "The chemical enrichment of Galaxy Clusters in numerical Simulations" 12:35-12.55 Sabine Schindler - "Metal Enrichment of the Intra-Cluster Medium" 12:55-14:45 LUNCH 14:45-15:10 Klaus Dolag (T) - "Numerical models of galaxy clusters" 15.10-15:30 Christopher Pfrommer - "Cosmic rays and cluster cosmology - a critical review" 15:30-15:50 Elena Rasia - "Study systematics on the ICM metallicity measurements" 15.50-16.10 Ian McCarthy - "Towards a Holistic View of the Heating and Cooling of the Intracluster Medium" 16:10-16:40 Coffee Break 16:40-17:15 Andy Fabian (R) - "The interaction between AGN and the ICM" 17:15-17:35 James Graham - "Shock Heating in the Core of the Perseus Cluster" 17:35-18:00 Mark Voit (T) - "Models of feedback and entropy structure of the ICM" 18:00-18:20 Marcus Bruggen - "Simulating AGN feedback in clusters" 18:20-18:40 Christian Kaiser - "The devil's in the detail: Numerical simulations of the AGN-environment interaction' WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27th SESSION 3): GALAXY POPULATIONS IN CLUSTERS ACROSS COSMIC EPOCHS 9:00-9:35 Tommaso Treu (R) - "Scaling relations in clusters and field" 9:35-9:55 Anja Von Der Linden - "How special are central galaxies? - An SDSS perspective" 9.55-10:15 Megan Donahue - “Star Formation in Nearby Brightest Cluster Galaxies” 10.15-10.35 Sarah Brough - "The Brightest Cluster Galaxies" 10:35-10:55 Brad Holden - "Mass Buildup and Galaxy Transformation in the Cluster Outskirts" 10:55-11:25 Coffee Break 11:25-11:50 Bianca Poggianti (T) - "Evolution of the stellar populations in Clusters" 11:50-12.10 David Wilman – "S0 formation in groups: Evidence at intermediate redshift" 12.10-12.30 Giuseppe Murante - "The importance of Mergers for the Origin of Intracluster Stars in Cosmological Simulations of Galaxy Clusters" 12:30-12:50 David Sand - "A systematic search for galaxy cluster supernovae at 0.1 < z < 0.2: ICM enrichment, the SN-Ia rate and intracluster supernovae" 12:50-15:00 LUNCH 15:00-15:35 Alice Shapley (R) - "The progenitors of galaxy clusters" 15:35-15:55 Simona Mei - "Tracing Galaxy Evolution in Clusters and Groups at z>1" 15:55-16:15 Andrew Zirm - "The Nascent Red-Sequence at z=2.16" 16:15-16:35 Nina Hatch - "The immediate environment of a forming BCG at z=2" 16:35-17:05 Coffee Break 17:05-17:30 John Blakeslee (T) - "Formation of Cluster Galaxies" 17:30-17:50 Lori Lubin - "The Observations of Redshift Evolution in Large Scale Environments (ORELSE) Survey" 17:50-18:35 POSTER SESSION 1 THURSDAY, JUNE 28th SESSION 3): GALAXY POPULATIONS IN CLUSTERS ACROSS COSMIC EPOCHS (continued) 9:00-9:35 Gabriella De Lucia (R) "Modeling the galaxy evolution as a function of environments" 9:35-9:55 Erica Ellingson - "Bimodality in Galaxy Cluster Populations to z~1" 9:55-10:15 Ricardo Demarco - "The Stellar Content of Red Cluster Galaxies at z~1" 10:15-10:40 Richard Bower (T) - "The cluster galaxy LF and the nature of feedback" 10:40-11:10 Coffee Break SESSION 4): COSMOLOGY AND GALAXY CLUSTERS 11:10-11:45 Stefano Ettori (R) - "Weighting galaxy clusters" 11:45-12:05 Etienne Pointecouteau - "Probing structure formation physics with the evolution of cluster properties" 12:05-12:25 Chris Lidman - "Decelerating and Dust Free: Observations of Type Ia supernovae in the ellipticals of high redshift galaxy clusters" 12:25-13:10 POSTER SESSION 2 12:55-15:00 LUNCH FREE AFTERNOON 20:00 SOCIAL DINNER FRIDAY, JUNE 29th SESSION 4): COSMOLOGY AND GALAXY CLUSTERS (continued) 9:00-9:35 John Carlstrom (R) - "The SZ era of cluster surveys" 9:35-9.55 Antoine Chamballu - "Coherent Sunyaev-Zeldovich/X-ray galaxy cluster model"
9:55-10:15 Ruediger Kneissl - "SZ cluster survey with  the APEX telescope”
10:15-10:35 Silvia Ameglio - Joint deprojection of SZ and X-ray images of galaxy clusters" 10:35-11:05 Coffee Break 11:05-11:30 Hans Boehringer (T) - "The past and the future of X-ray cluster surveys" 11:30-11:50 Marica Branchesi - “High redshift X-ray galaxy Clusters:The L-T relationship revisited” 11:50-12:10 Yasushi Suto - “Systematic Errors in the Hubble Constant Measurement from the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect” 12:10-12:30 Elisabetta De Filippis - “Total Mass Cluster Profiles: how can we improve our estimate?” 12:30-12:50 Elena Pierpaoli - "The SDSS cluster catalog from the matched filter algorithm" 12:50-15:00 LUNCH 15:00-15:35 Alexey Vikhlinin (R) - "Precision cosmology: how do clusters perform in comparison with other methods?" 15:35-15:55 Kenneth Rines - “Cosmology with the Cluster Virial Mass Function” 15:55-16:15 Bryan Gerke - “Cosmological Constraints from DEEP2 Galaxy Groups” 16:15-16:40 Joe Mohr (T) - "Self-calibration analysis of present and future cluster surveys" 16:40-17:10 Coffee Break 17:10-17:50 Gus Evrard (R) - "Summary talk"