• Starting date: 2020/01/13
  • End: 2020/01/17

  • LOCATION: Sport & Kurhotel at Bad Moos - Via Val Fiscalina 27, 39030, Sexten


    *** Please note: The workshop is by invitation only ***

    Uncovering the physical processes responsible for formation and evolution of galaxies is considered a holy grail in extragalactic astronomy. The complex interplay between baryons and dark matter makes the interstellar medium (ISM) the perfect tool to characterize the dynamical and kinematic properties of galaxies, in particular in the distant Universe. In recent years significant efforts have been made to characterize the ISM in high-z systems. However, many questions are still open today:

    – How do galaxies form and evolve with cosmic time?
    – How is the gas distributed (disk, merging satellites, filaments)?
    – What is the structure of the ISM and how does it evolve (porosity, phases, metal enrichment, star-formation, feedback)?

    Answer to these questions can only be addressed by combining unique data from HST, VLT, ALMA, JWST and E-ELT in the near future. These observations, spanning from the optical to near-infrared, FIR and sub-mm bands, will provide an unprecedented view of the internal structure of high-z galaxies. Their interpretation can now rely on theoretical studies and high-resolution numerical simulations that resolve scales comparable to those of molecular clouds, at the same time including the relevant physics. A cross talk between experiments and theory is mandatory to overcome the complexity of the problem, and to answer the ambitious questions listed above.

    The Workshop is part of the programmed activities of the ERC Advanced Grant INTERSTELLAR project (PI: Prof. Andrea Ferrara).

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    Organizers: Andrea Ferrara Stefano Carniani Alessandro Lupi SOC: Andrea Ferrara Alessandro Lupi Stefano Carniani Livia Vallini Valentina D’Odorico Simona Gallerani