• Starting date: 2009/07/22
  • End: 2009/07/31

  • LOCATION: Haus Sexten - Via Dolomiti 45, 39030, Sexten


    Quantum Mechanics and the Nature of Physical Reality to be held in Sexten (Bozen), Italy, from July 22 to July 30, in the Elementary School of Sesto, which has been kindly offered by the City Council of Sesto. As you can see following the link of the SCaF at www.consorzio–fisica-trieste.it the site is one of the best in the Alpes.
    Our idea is to bring together a number (< 30) of scholars who share deep interests in the foundational issues of quantum theory. The format will follow the spirit of The Lake Placid Conferences organized by Tim Maudlin, i.e., the precise points to be discussed on any day will be determined on the preceding day. Obviously, the organizers are open and actually welcome any suggestions concerning the program at any time prior to the beginning of the meeting. They will evaluate the proposals and submit them to the participants in a quite informal manner.



    To be defined



    Organizing Committee D. Duerr, G.C. Ghirardi, S. Goldstein and N. Zanghì List of participants  

    Allori             Valia (Rutgers, USA)    vallori@niu.edu
    Bassi Angelo (Trieste, Italy) bassi@ts.infn.it
    Beck Christian (Munich, Germany) Christian.Beck@physik.uni-muenchen.de
    Bedingham Daniel (London, UK) d.bedingham@imperial.ac.uk
    Beltrametti Enrico (Genova, Italy) Enrico.Beltrametti@ge.infn.it
    Boers Niklas (Munich, Germany) niklas.boers@physik.uni-muenchen.de
    Duerr Detlef (Munich, Germany) duerr@mathematik.uni-muenchen.de
    Galvan Bruno (Genova, Italy) b.galvan@virgilio.it
    Ghirardi GianCarlo (Trieste, Italy) ghirardi@ictp.it
    Goldstein Sheldon (Rutgers, USA) oldstein@math.rutgers.edu
    Gozzi Ennio (Trieste, Italy) gozzi@ts.infn.it
    Grummt Robert (Munich, Germany)  Robert.Grummt@physik.uni-muenchen.de
    Hagar Amit (Indiana, USA)  hagara@indiana.edu
    Hinrichs Guenter (Munich, Germany)
    Kiessling Michael  (Rutgers, USA) miki@math.rutgers.edu
    Lahee Angela (Heidelberg, Germany) Angela.Lahee@springer.com
    Lanz Lodovico  (Milano, Italy) Ludovico.Lanz@mi.infn.it
    Lukin Konstantin (Kharkov,Ukraine) lukin.konstantin@gmail.com
    Maudlin Tim (Rutgers, USA) maudlin@rci.rutgers.edu
    Maudlin Vishnya (Rutgers, USA) maudlin@rci.rutgers.edu
    Hemmo Meir (Haifa, Israel) meir@research.haifa.ac.il
    Norsen Travis (Marlboro, USA)  norsen@marlboro.edu
    Petrat Soeren (Munich, Germany) Soeren.Petrat@physik.uni-muenchen.de
    Rusov Vitaliy (Odessa,Ukraine)                                      siiis@te.net.ua
    Struyve Ward (Waterloo, Canada) wstruyve@perimeterinstitute.ca
    Tausk Daniel  (Ime, Brazil) tausk@ime.usp.br
    Teufel Stefan (Tuebingen, Germany)  stefan.teufel@uni-tuebingen.de
    Vaidman Lev (Tel Aviv, Israel) vaidman@post.tau.ac.il
    Zanghi’ Nino (Genova, Italy) Nino.Zanghi@ge.infn.it