• Starting date: 2023/07/10
  • End: 2023/07/14

  • LOCATION: Haus Sexten - Via Dolomiti 45, 39030, Sexten


    One year after the release of the first data of the James Webb Space Telescope, we will gather in the Italian Dolomites to discuss the transformative science enabled by Webb's observations in the field of galaxy formation and evolution, from its earliest stages to more mature phases in cosmic history. Specific topics will include:

    • From first stars to current star formation
    • Dust and circum-galactic medium in distant galaxies
    • Reionization history
    • Galaxy mass growth and early morphological evolution
    • AGN activity at high redshift
    • Sep 15th, 2022: first announcement
    • Jan 15th, 2023: registration opening and call for abstract submission (second announcement)
    • mid-March 2023: selection of contributed talks (all notifications sent by March 27th)
    • April 3rd: Late registration open, note that only posters can be presented at this time
    • June 7th: Scientific program announced  (reload regularly for updates)

    Scientific Program (UPDATED).



    350 Eur

    No code for this workshop. Please see Conference Fee and Payment rules.


    Scientific Organising Committee

    A. Adamo (Univ. Stockholm), M. Castellano (INAF Rome), M. Dickinson (NOAO), H. Ferguson (STScI), N. Foerster Schreiber (MPE Garching), A. Fontana (INAF Rome), L. Pentericci (INAF Rome), P. Rosati (Univ. Ferrara), P. Santini (INAF Rome), A. Shapley (UCLA), M. Tosi (INAF Bologna), T. Treu (UCLA), E. Vanzella (INAF Bologna)

    Local Organising Committee
    G. Deconi (SCfA), G. Angora (UniFerrara), P. Rosati (UniFerrara), P. Santini (INAF-Rome)