• Starting date: 2022/07/18
  • End: 2022/07/22

  • LOCATION: Sport & Kurhotel at Bad Moos - Via Val Fiscalina 27, 39030, Sexten


    In the coming years a new era in the Very High Energy Gamma Ray Astrophysics will begin with the upcoming new generation Cherenkov telescopes, such as the Cherenkov Telescope Array Observatory and the ASTRI mini array.
    After reviewing the state of the art in high-energy and very high-energy astrophysics, the exciting science made possible by CTAO and the ASTRI mini array will be explored, in the context of multimessenger and multiwavelength astrophysics.

    We plan to discuss all the VHE scientific areas both in the galactic and in the extragalactic domains as well as in the fundamental physics one.
    The lectures will be delivered in the morning, while the afternoon will be generally devoted to hands-on sessions on simulated data.
    The school is open to PhD students, post-docs and researchers interested in learning how next generation Cherenkov telescopes will change our understanding of the Very High-Energy sky.

    With the support by INFN and INAF.


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    250 Eur



    Giacomo Bonnoli,
    Patrizia Caraveo,
    Nicola Giglietto,
    Francesco Longo,
    Giacomo Principe,
    Chiara Righi,
    Gino Tosti.