• Starting date: 2024/07/15
  • End: 2024/07/19

  • LOCATION: Sexten Primary School - Via Panorama 6, Sexten


    Overdense regions at high redshift (z>2), namely protoclusters, are perfect laboratories to study the relations between environment, galaxy and SMBH growth, feedback processes, and the formation of the intracluster medium. The study of the formation, evolution, and physical properties of protoclusters is one of the most vibrant fields in modern astrophysics and is taking advantage of state-of-the-art instrumentation, such as JWST, ALMA, MUSE, Chandra. A wealth of dedicated multi-wavelength observations, as well as the development of theoretical and semi-analytical models, and numerical simulations, have been used recently to characterize their physical properties and cosmic evolution. Furthermore, the interest in this field is expected to last long, as future survey instruments, such as Euclid and the Vera Rubin Observatory, have the study of protoclusters among their priorities. The workshop will gather international experts in the ongoing efforts to discover and characterize protoclusters, from both theoretical and observational perspectives, to discuss recent developments and future perpectives on the following topics:

    1) protocluster formation and evolution,
    2) star-formation and feedback in protocluster members,
    3) SMBH growth and AGN feedback in overdone regions,
    4) diffuse gas and proto-ICM.



    € 230,00 Senior - € 200,00 Students



    Fabio Vito – Paolo Tozzi – Roberto Gilli – Stacey Alberts – Simona Mei – Roderik Overzier