• Starting date: 2016/01/25
  • End: 2016/01/29

  • LOCATION: Sport & Kurhotel at Bad Moos - Via Val Fiscalina 27, 39030, Sexten


    In this meeting, we aim to bring together observers and theorists to investigate the evolution of the Milky Way on the basis of the results from the current surveys of Galactic stellar populations.

    Emphasis will be placed on the most commonly measured stellar parameters such as the location relative  to the Galactic centre, the velocities and velocity dispersions, the chemical abundances and ages.

    We want to discuss potential sources of selection bias, systematic errors, and other factors that may introduce disparate measurements of the key observables among different surveys and the regimes under which the measurements are the most reliable.

    Models of Galaxy formation and evolution and their predictions for the key observables will be also discussed and presented and the most recent reliable evidence regarding the key observables will be assessed in an attempt to arrive at the most promising  models of Galactic evolution.

    This meeting will be ideal to compare the observational results against models just before the first intermediate data release of Gaia and to be prepared for the forthcoming generation of surveys that will provide samples two orders of magnitude larger than those available nowadays.

    We will discuss the formation and evolution of our Galaxy and in particular of the various Galactic stellar components such as the halo, thick-and thin-disk and the bulge. By means of comparing model results and data we will discuss the constraints on the timescales of formation of the different components as well on the star formation history in the light of the most recent data.



    To be defined



    Organisers Francesca Matteucci Carlo Morossi