• Starting date: 2024/03/11
  • End: 2024/03/15

  • LOCATION: Sport & Kurhotel at Bad Moos - Via Val Fiscalina 27, 39030, Sexten


    Dive into a comprehensive exploration of the Stellar Initial Mass Function (IMF) and Core Mass Function (CMF) in our upcoming workshop! This meeting brings together experts from various fields to critically examine how different environmental conditions – from the proximate universe to distant high-redshift galaxies – influence these crucial aspects of star formation.

    Our workshop will dissect the impact of stellar multiplicity and dynamical processes within star-forming clusters on the determination of the IMF. A core aspect of our discussion will be the increasingly supported hypothesis of a spatially and temporally variable IMF. We’ll unpack various lines of evidence such as gravitational lensing, stellar and gas kinematics in diverse galaxies, and spectral diagnostics of stellar populations, as well as theoretical perspectives.

    Our ambitious goal is not only to review existing knowledge but also to find a common language for the field. The workshop will serve as a forum for these leading researchers to collaboratively identify the most robust strategies for studying and testing a variable IMF, especially in the era of 30m-class telescopes. Ultimately, we aim to chart a path forward for future research, with the outcomes of our discussions disseminated to the wider community in the form of a white paper.

    This workshop is invite only.


    Bus registration is now open!


    350 Eur



    Alice Concas (ESO, DE), Tereza Jerabkova (ESO, DE), Donatella Romano (INAF, IT)