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1730 Registration and Welcome Cocktail Reception at the Conference Venue


0830 Registration

0850 Welcome: Paolo Molaro

Chair: John Webb

0900 Joao Magueijo (Imperial):  Varying constants, cosmic structure and the quest for quantum gravity 

0930 Christof Wetterich (Heidelberg):  Varying constants - a key property and key problem for quintessence 

1000 Philippe Brax (Saclay):  A Gentle Introduction to Modified Gravity Theories 

1030 Carlos Martins (CAUP):  Probing fundamental physics and unification with varying constants

1100 Coffee break

Chair: Rodger Thompson

1130 John Webb (New South Wales):  Latest results on varying alpha 

1200 Jonathan Whitmore (Swinburne):  Large programme results on alpha 

1230 Raghunathan Srianand (IUCAA):  Large programme results on mu 

1300 Tyler Evans (Swinburne):  New measurements of the fine-structure constant from three telescopes 

1320 End



Chair: Sandro D'Odorico

0830 Ewan Cameron (Queensland):  On the Evidence for Cosmic Variation of the Fine Structure Constant 

0850 Lucila Kraiselburd (La Plata):  A statistical analysis of varying alpha data 

0910 Ryan Cooke (UC Santa Cruz):  A new software package for measuring fundamental constant variation 

0930 Martin Wendt (Potsdam):  Technical and intrinsic limits of QSOanalysis 

1000 Daniel Albornoz-Vasquez (IAP):  Limits on proton-to-electronmass ratio with VLT-UVES 

1030 Sergei Levshakov (Ioffe Inst.):  Limits on the space-time variations of the fundamental constants 

1100 Coffee break


Chair: Sergei Levshakov


1130 Julija Bagdonaite (VU Amsterdam):   Searches for a cosmological variation of the proton-to-electron mass ratio from quasar spectra  

1200 Mikhail Kozlov (St.Petersburg):  Linear molecules: sensitivity to variation of fundamental constants 

1230 Nissim Kanekar (NCRA):   Radio probes of changes in thefundamental constants  

1300 Hadi Rahmani (IUCAA):   Constraining the variation of fundamental constants at z~1.3 using 21-cm absorbers  

1320 End


Chair: Nissim Kanekar

0830 Graca Rocha (JPL): Constraints on variation of fundamental constants with Planck

0920 Silvia Galli (IAP):  Clusters of galaxies and variation of the finestructure constant 

0940 Eloisa Menegoni (Heidelberg):  Constraints on fundamental constants with galaxy surveys 

1000 Victor Flambaum (New South Wales):  Variation of fundamental constants from Big Bang to atomic clocks 

1030 Alain Coc (CSNSM):  Influence of the variation of fundamental constants and the role of the A=8 nucleus in BBN 


1100 Coffee break

Chair: Luca Amendola

1130 Enrique Garcia-Berro (UPC):  White dwarf constraints on avarying G 

1200 Susana Landau (Buenos Aires):  Equivalence Principle inChameleon theories 

1230 Giulia Gubitosi (Roma):  Disformal coupling and CMB spectral distortion 

1250 Mariusz Dabrowski (Szczecin):  Standard and exotic singularities regularized by varying constants 

1310 End

2000 Social Dinner at the Resturant Lanterna Verde via Waldheim 10 Sesto


Chair: João Magueijo


0900 Silvio Bonometto (Trieste):  Strongly coupled cosmologies 

0920 Rodger Thompson (Arizona):  Confronting Cosmology and New Physics with Fundamental Constants 

0950 Mariana Julião (CAUP):  Probing unification scenarios with atomic clocks 

1010 Ana Mafalda Monteiro (CAUP):  Constraining fundamental physics with combined variations of fundamental constants 

1030 Pedro Pedrosa (CAUP):  Observational strategies for varying constants with ESPRESSO and HIRES 

1050 Coffee break

Chair: Carlos Martins

1120 Pauline Vielzeuf (CAUP):  Varying constants and dark energy with the E-ELT 

1150 Matteo Martinelli (SISSA):  Constraints on varying alpha with future low-medium redshift probes 

1210 Discussion on Horizon2020, E-ELT, ALMA, etc

1250 Closing remarks

1310 End



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