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Galactic Winds of Change: Confronting Models with Observations
Galactic Winds of Change: Confronting Models with Observations
16.07.2012 - 22.07.2012
Conferences 2012


Galactic Winds of Change: Confronting Models with Observations

Galactic winds (starburst or AGN driven) are arguably the dominant feedback mechanism in galaxy formation and evolution. They are the primary mechanism for recycling energy and metals in galaxies, and are intimately connected to the fate of the galaxy. However, a proper understanding of this phenomenon requires detailed knowledge of many complex physical processes, including the star formation history, stellar chemical yields and interstellar (and intergalactic) mixing, gas dynamics, black hole growth, and ultimately magnetohydrodynamics.
Recent observations are beginning to reveal just how common and powerful galactic winds are, particularly at high redshift. At the same time, simulations are starting to predict some of the broadest-sense scaling relationships and wind properties/morphologies by properly including a multiphase ISM with a wide range of densities and temperatures. An increasing interest in the subject of feedback and galactic winds is demonstrated by its recurrence at a variety of galaxies/gas/SB/AGN conferences recently, although none have concentrated specifically on the physics of galactic winds. Thus, to capitalise on this recent interest and take advantage of the anticipated first tide of ALMA results, we it is extremely timely to have a workshop devoted to this subject.

The primary focus of the workshop will be on the subject of what drives galactic winds. Together we will address questions such as: how different wind components/phases are driven in different ways, perhaps at different times; how these components and mechanisms interact and compete; how much energy and mass are contained in the different phases of the outflow; and what is the role of AGN vs. starbursts in driving winds both on a galaxy by galaxy and a global basis.

We plan to have sessions based to the following topics:
- Birth of winds in superbubbles and AGN
- Ionized, pressure-driven winds
- Cool clouds and molecules in winds (including cloud mass loading & survival)

Please register using the form below. We hope to give everyone the chance to give a talk during the week (submitting an abstract is not necessary at this stage).

However, we would like to encourage you to submit a possible title for a small group discussion session (that you might want to lead) - for this, please use the abstract box.


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Organisers: Mark Westmoquette (ESO), John Everett (UW-Madison), Susanne Aalto (Chalmers), Jay Gallagher (UW-Madison)

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