• Starting date: 2022/07/18
  • End: 2022/07/22

  • LOCATION: Sexten Primary School - Via Panorama 6, Sexten


    This is the second edition of a series with new format started in summer 2019, structured as an informal brainstorming meeting, inspired by those regularly scheduled by Professor Colin Norman at the Johns Hopkins University under the title “Hot topics in Astrophysics”.  The workshop concept is based on a limited number (about 20) of talks of ~30 minutes each, with an unusually large space left for questions and discussion.  The meeting will be held at the SCfA school, in the beautiful surroundings of the Dolomites.  

    The selected “Hot Topics” for the Second Edition are:

    1. Protocluster: the most prominent cosmic structures in the distant universe.
    2. Early sites of star formation and BH accretion.
    3. H0 and sigma8: tension or chance fluctuations? 
    4. Cosmic evolution of heavy elements: production and diffusion into different phases (hot, warm and cold medium, stars).

    We foresee a limited number of contributions followed by extensive discussions. Thus, the attendees can reinforce existing collaborations and possibly foster new ones, and also encourages interactions among researchers working in different fields in extragalactic astrophysics. Participation is on invitation only.

    This workshop is by invitation only.


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    SOC: Stefano Borgani, Roberto Gilli, Amata Mercurio, Colin Norman, Laura Pentericci, Celine Peroux, Piero Rosati, Veronica Strazzullo, Paolo Tozzi

    Secretary: G. Deconi (SCfA)