• Starting date: 2015/07/13
  • End: 2015/07/18

  • LOCATION: Sexten Primary School - Via Panorama 6, Sexten


    This workshop, the third of a series – after the first two held in 2011 and 2013 – aims at bringing together a group of astrophysicists working – both theoretically and observationally – in the field of Strong Gravity around Black Holes with the goals to:

    – set the state of the art by means of reviews given by the leading experts in the field;
    – inform one another on the progresses made by participants/groups on specific subtopics by means of short presentations;
    – have extensive and profitable discussions;
    – work together to make further progresses on ongoing projects and/or establish new collaborations.



    To be defined


    Giorgio Matt, Stefano Bianchi