• Starting date: 2016/02/22
  • End: 2016/02/26

  • LOCATION: Sport & Kurhotel at Bad Moos - Via Val Fiscalina 27, 39030, Sexten


    Dark matter has been a central part of the standard cosmological model for over 30 years. Its gravitational effects have been seen in a variety of astrophysical contexts, ranging from galaxy and cluster dynamics, to the large scale structure of the universe, to physics of the cosmic microwave background. However, the physical properties of dark matter remain elusive as decades of ground based searches have yet to produce a convincing direct detection. In this workshop we will bring together astrophysicists and particle physicists to discuss the astrophysics of dark matter.  The goals of the workshop are:

    1) Critically review the astrophysical signatures of theoretical dark matter models.

    2) Critically review astrophysical probes of dark matter properties, and current limits on quantities such as self-interaction and free streaming length.

    3) Identify key experimental/observational programs that could produce breakthroughs in our physical understanding of dark matter.


    Final program with contributions


    To be defined


    Tommaso Treu (UCLA), Alexander  Kusenko (UCLA), Annika Peter (Caltech), Piero Rosati (Univ. Ferrara), Matteo Viel (INAF-Trieste), Kathryn Zurek (LBNL)