• Starting date: 2022/07/18
  • End: 2022/07/22

  • LOCATION: Haus Sexten - Via Dolomiti 45, 39030, Sexten


    A conference in honor of Monica Tosi

    This conference aims to honor Dr. Monica Tosi’s past achievements and ongoing contributions to the topic of near-field cosmology with galaxies of the Local Volume, starting from our own Milky Way all the way out to the famous most metal-poor dwarf galaxy I Zwicky 18, located at ~ 18 Mpc. Scientific sessions will highlight different aspects of a unified approach meant to improve our understanding of the formation and evolution of nearby galaxies of different morphological types both from an observational and theoretical point of view. Particular focus will be given to the interpretation of resolved stellar populations in star clusters and galaxies, the derivation of star-formation histories, the characterization of variable stars, the determination of chemical abundances in stars and gas, the computation of chemical evolution models and the derivation of dynamical models of interacting galaxies within the framework of hierarchical formation. The scientific program will conclude with an overview of the contributions of future ground- and space-based instrumentation to this astrophysical field.

    Abstract submission for poster/talk contributions is now open.
    Registration will begin later.

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    For any enquiries email to: francesca.annibali@inaf.it

    Invited reviews :
    Magda Arnaboldi
    Angela Bragaglia
    Corinne Charbonnel
    Michele Cignoni
    Gisella Clementini
    Angelez Diaz
    John Gallagher (TBC)
    Laura Greggio
    Vanessa Hill
    Bruno Leibundgut
    Francesca Matteucci
    Kristen Mc Quinn (TBC)
    Colin Norman
    Antonella Nota


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    Alessandra Aloisi (Space Telescope Science Institute) – Chair
    Francesca Annibali (INAF – OAS) – Chair
    Angela Bragaglia (INAF – OAS)
    Michele Cignoni (Università di Pisa) – Chair
    Giuliana Fiorentino (INAF – OAR)
    Antonella Nota (Space Telescope Science Institute)
    Donatella Romano (INAF – OAS)
    Elena Sacchi (Space Telescope Science Institute)
    Eline Tolstoy (Groningen University)
    Bruce Elmegreen (IBM)
    Leonid Pilyugin (Ukraine Observatory)