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What is Quantum Theory?
What is Quantum Theory?
02.08.2010 - 11.08.2010
Conferences 2010


The Consorzio per la Fisica of the University of Trieste and the Sexten Center for Astrophysics plan to have a meeting




to be held in Sexten (Bozen), Italy, from August 2 to August 11, in the Elementary School of Sesto, which has been kindly offered by the City Council of Sesto. The site is one of the best in the Alpes.


Our idea is to bring together a limited number of scholars who share deep interests in the foundational issues of quantum theory. In particular, in order to guarantee a certain continuity with the previous meeting and at the same time to face the new problems which emerged from recent researches, a specific attention will be paid to the problem of accounting, in a relativistic context, of the problem of wave packet reduction. Such a theme has strong connexions with quantum nonlocality and with the question of whether quantum mechanics can pecefully coexists with relativity. Taking into account these general lines, the actual format will follow the spirit of the analogous meeting organized last year by us in the same place during the month of july, i.e., the precise matters to be discussed on any day will be identified during the debates of the preceding day. Obviously, the organizers are open and actually welcome any suggestions concerning the program at any time prior to the beginning of the meeting. They will evaluate the proposals and submit them to the participants in a quite informal manner.

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